Faster Results than a website on a T-1,

More Powerful for your business

than a t.v. or radio spot,

able to Leap all other

advertising medium in a single mailing!

direct mail postcard mailers

Yes, its Super Sized Postcards, direct mail on an oversized card stock,

that gets delivered to a resident's mailbox,

with powers and abilities beyond those of mortal advertisements.

Disguised as a postcard, a mailer for 11 advertisers that market to 10,000+ homes,

and fights the never-ending battle for a low-cost, highly effective direct mail campaign.

direct mail marketing postcards

Get the Power of direct mail marketing with

Super Sized Postcards and see Super Sized Results

at Supersonic Speed !

direct mail postcard

Super Sized Postcards Stand Out in the Mail!

It's a 9x12 four color glossy 100lb card stock Postcard

The Postcard with Your Ad that can't be missed.

No envelope to open. No coupons to shuffle through. No pages to flip or turn to!

Super Sized Postcards Target YOUR Market!

Direct Marketing Postcards are mailed to 10,000+ homes in your business zip code -

Targeting residents with the most potential to purchase your products or services.

Super Sized Direct Mail Postcard Ads are a low cost advertising solution!

You share the cost of direct mail with 10 other local advertisers targeting the same zip code.

A standard postcard size of 4.25" x 6" mailing to 10,000 homes

would cost anywherere between $2,400 and $4,000!

A Super Sized Postcard Ad size is 4" x 4.5" for $500 to the same 10,000 homes!

Super Sized Postcards give you EXCLUSIVITY by business type on your postcard mailer!

Other direct mail services, such as Valpak, include your advertisement with YOUR competitors - diluting the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.

Super Sized Customer Service and Ad Support!

Before, During, & After Mailing

Business Advertising is easy and effective with Super Sized Postcards.

We provide marketing agency services at NO cost!

A Personal Account Representative will service your account from ad creation to tracking results.

We provide FREE Advertising agency services including Creative Design and Artwork!

Experienced Marketing Experts help you Maximize Your Ad Response

or we will produce your camera ready ads and ideas.

FREE Website exposure and link to your site from

Super Sized Postcard Ad Frequency Discounts

People Respond to Repetition

Regular repeated mailings are the way to create huge predictable results!

Create brand awareness and customer loyalty programs with multiple mailers. 


Direct Mail Postcard Advertising

is a cost effective form of media marketing for any business.

Make Your Business a Household Name!

Incorporate direct mailing campaigns into your business marketing plan.

Newspaper, Radio, Television, and Internet marketing are costly, and hit or miss.


With Direct Mail, Your ad gets delivered and into the hands of potential customers!

A direct mail campaign is superior for large or small business marketing.

By using a strong, compelling offer, direct mail marketing is an effective advertising medium with a measureable rate of return.

direct mail postcard advertising

Place your Ad on a Super Sized Postcard!

Call today: 561-855-4797

Get Super Sized Results from our direct mail marketing postcards!

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